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Photo: Man by Johnny Swanson


She knows nothing yet has a beautiful blankness and willingness to please. She will be perfect to wrap in our ways. She is so lonely. She needs her sisters’ arms to embrace her and leap her into our scarlet light.

It’s strange how someone so fragile, young, and naive can be the strongest of us all.


“sand castles”

marine meditations


waterfalls behind me,

i sprout mermaid.


sand castlesΒ appear substantial.


i lure seamen to their graves,

so i may swallow and spit souls

birthing them as my guardians

and forever companions.


compassionate ghosts enthrall my childhood.



i simply stand letting the

rushing beads twinkle finger

my aching back.


swimming becomes paralysis.


palaces disappear.


water falls.


Dear Best Friend,

It’s fair to say, I am a watcher of people and not one who is watched. I feel so locked inside myself. Ve says it’s because I am “chasing” instead of “being.” I have a feeling she taught me about peacocks.

I am writing this while pretending I prefer bitter coffee to sweet soda pop.

As I slowly sip, I notice patterns and absences.

It’s funny how people try so hard not to touch each other in public. I watch as people balance coffee and lap tops, traversing the maze of book bags, power chords, and over stuffed chairs, breathing in and slowing when about to encounter another body.

This discovery makes me want to rush around and hug everyone until we all cry. Moved, we now know touch. And, we shall shimmer with unfettered static electricity. Silver magnificence.


“She’s in such pain.”

“Can’t we help her?”

“What do you suggest? Tell her the story before she is ready to believe it?”

“Can’t we at least give her a sweet dream tonight?”

“And, what about the morning?”


She awakes with the sun.

The oranges and yellows connect coi fish, then build to something of both air and water.

Your fire flushes her face. Your sighed smoke ruffles her copper hair.

You dazzle.

Blinded and unsure, she turns away to the cool refuge of her pillow and sinks into deep, dreamless sleep.