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Photo: Door by Johnny Swanson


The prince with a lot to prove knelt before the king presenting him the dead dragon’s head.

The king, pleased, set the prince’s coronation for the dawn after the next full moon.

Until that day, there was to be feasting, drinking, dancing, and fireworks every night.

That night as the drunken prince fell asleep, the dragon fairy began to attack him screeching how he had killed one of her loves. The dragon fairy cursed him demanding he roam the land as a lone dragon.

As a cultured prince, he had studied fairies and other magical creatures. He knew nothing would happen unless the fairy counsel agreed to enact the curse. He knew the counsel met at midnight on every full moon.


“Why me?”

“Why any of us?”

“How do I stop being a dragon channel?”

“By freeing the dragon.”

“And, how do I free a dragon?”

“Well, that is a little complicated…”


the green lantern

verdant rays


my mind


evil deeds

revise in

that field


good and bad

and full of


with aunts & ants.