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Photo: “Expose” by Johnny Swanson


“Enough! You ask for fairness. I will offer mercy. The prince will become a dragon. He has 1,000 years to find a way to break the curse. If he fails, he continues as a dragon until his death. Vendola, Viola, and Vanolia, you may become a dragon as well and help protect him,” decided the eldest fairy, the midnight fairy.


I am young and feeling younger by the minute. I am not sure about life, but I do pay attention.

Life may be a journey, but you are my destination.

You are a surprise in a humdrum world. You are the mischievous, lone sun ray during a personal storm. You are the red in all my portraits.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

My Venus, my planetary realignment song.

He folds his love note knowing he will never give it to her.


Dear Best Friend,

A discarded straw paper crumpled into an ivory dragon today.

I see them every where, but cannot find him.

I wonder if he’s looking for me, or how I should look for him?




to his insistent fingers,


don’t touch me

in that tiny place

soggy, somber, sonnet.

your touch makes it

more murky and burdensome.

keep it small

or i will break

from it’s