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Photo: “Parallels” by Johnny Swanson


There was a young queen who suffered from frequent night terrors. One day she realized she was pregnant. She wanted her child to never feel fear or pain, so she went to her totem, the red dragon, and begged for assistance.

The red dragon knew that the answer was to teach the young one to heal instead of to avoid pain. However, the queen would not be appeased with this solution.

So, the dragon went to a far time and place where men saw visions drunk off of fermented agave juice.


I wondered today what it would be to hold you and to share with you all my victories and insecurities.

I wondered today what secrets you would leave with me.

I wondered….

This isn’t funny any more. I’m obsessed.



men love funny women.

to really know a man

pull the one liners back

to reveal what he is healing.


and, trust your tears.